RS35 Independent Study

The following is a list of links to all the reflections, assignments and projects you need to complete your Religion 35 independent study course.

TOPIC ONE: WORLD RELIGIONS       World Religions Project


1.  Utilitarianism vs. Altruism (organ donors)

2.  Is Conscience Something to Pay Attention to?   Here is link to Temptation page

3.  Dead Poets Society Assignment

4. Does Religion Benefit You?

5.  Is our future in Good hands?


6.  Dead Man Walking  Reflection 1     and     Dead Man Walking Reflection 2

7.  Dead Man Walking Assignment


8. Tuesdays with Morrie Reflection

9.  Tuesdays with Morrie Assignment


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Who is my family?

Humanity holds a special place in this work for the world. We humans are not just statistics, we are creatures with an infinite dignity conferred on us by the Creator.

So much of the discussion of climate change and how our responsibility to the planet involves dry statistics that are easy to ignore. Less easy is ignoring statistics with faces: the poor at our doorstep, the workers in farms, fields, and factories whose standard of living is low because ours is high. Pope Francis calls on us all to remember the human part of this equation – we are all important in God’s eyes, and it is our responsibility to care for one another in new and more intentional ways.



What does my local homeless shelter need for its guests? What can I provide?



God of creation, when riches for one mean poverty for another, help me seek the welfare of all.

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