RS 35: Tuesdays With Morrie Assignment

Directions:  Answer all three questions.  The rubric used to grade this assignment is called Movie Study Assignment Rubric.

(Question #1)  Morrie quotes from W.H. Auden more than once when he says. “We must love one another or die”.  What does the poet Auden mean by this?  Perhaps reading the entire poem, September 1, 1939,  will help answer this.  As you know, not all love is the same.  For example, is love for your pet the same a true love between a husband and wife?  To help you understand this, read what the Greeks say about love.  Now using these two sources, explain what Auden meant by, “We must love one another or die”.

(Question #2) Morrie and Mitch have the following dialogue concerning life.


Morrie:         “…It is what I call ‘the tension of opposites’.  Life pulling you back and forth like a rubber band.  Pull one way cause this is what you want to do, the pull another way cause you think that is what you have to do.”

Mitch:         “It sounds like a wrestling match.”

Morrie:        “You could describe life that way.”

Mitch:         “So who wins?”

Morrie:        “Love!  Love always wins.  You don’t believe that?”

Mitch:          “I don’t know.  Maybe I don’t.  Have you looked at the news lately.  We’re not exactly racking up the gold medals out there.”

Morrie:         “Maybe the game isn’t over yet.”

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————  (Question #2)  What does Morrie mean when he says, “Love always wins”?  Is this true?  Justify your response.  What does the first letter of Paul to the 1 Corinthians 13:4-14 say love is?  Could this be what Morrie means?  Why or why not?  You can use Oremus Bible Browser to help you find out.

(Question #3)  Morrie says, “Death ends a life, not a relationship!” What does this mean?  Was Morrie suggesting he believed in an afterlife?  What do Christians believe about the afterlife?  Click on the article, Thirty-five FAQs About Eternity to help you answer this?  Be sure to fully explain yourself.