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  • Commandments of the Church

    Did you know that in addition to the 10 commandments there are an additional 5 “Commandments of the Church”. But there used to be more, or less. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commandments_of_the_Church Read about the history of the “Commandments of the Church” and write a short post emphasizing your understanding of the current commandments, make mention of any other […]

  • Be Generous

    Theme 1: Do I have a heart of gold? Outcomes Students will examine and evaluate their attitudes towards other people express the meaning of “pure of heart” identify ways they can be more generous in their attitudes understand how Jesus models a generous attitude toward others outline strategies for readjusting their attitudes when necessary Key Concepts […]

  • Be With Me

    Theme Who do I want to be with? Outcomes Students will explore and express the qualities of relationships they want to have name how they want others to “be with them” know that each person has been created with the freedom to shape his or her own relationships repeat and explain the Beatitudes identify ways […]

  • The Commandments: A Moral Code

    When Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, they crossed the Sinai Desert. God called Moses to the top of Mount Sinai and gave him the Ten Commandments. These commandments formed the moral code for the Jewish people. Some were injunctions – things the people were told to do. Some were prohibitions – things they […]

  • The Meaning of the Commandments

    The Ten Commandments, the moral code for the Jewish people, are short and to the point. But each one carries a great deal of meaning. 1. You shall have not other gods but me. 2. You shall not make any idols. 3. You shall not take the name of your Lord in vain. 4. You […]