The Caste System

Indian society has traditionally been organized into groups called castes. People are born into the caste of their family. The caste system includes a strict hierarchy and rules for social interaction. Each caste also had certain rights and responsibilities.

Advocates of the caste system say that is it not discriminatory but makes life easier for members of all castes. According to the, them, the caste system just acknowledges that people are different. Some are natural administrators; some are better at working with their hands. Under the caste system, those who are good at routine work do not compete for jobs with strategic thinkers; they compete with their equals.

Opponents of the system say that this theory is fine, but in actuality, skills like leadership or manual dexterity are not hereditary traits. A person born in a low caste might be a gifted leader but would not be allowed to develop those gifts.

Based on your knowledge of people, do you think a system like the caste system would tend to level the playing field for all? Would it tend to give certain people more privileges than others?