Religious Education (Roman Catholic) 25


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General Outcomes
Students will:
A. Identify Scripture and Tradition as the primary sources of Christian belief

B. Explore the history of Judaism as a foundation of Christianity while demonstrating respect, empathy and compassion for the history of the Jewish people

C. Know the Christian response to Jesus’ question: “Who do people say I am?”

D. Explore salvation doctrine of other World Religions

E. Understand the ministry and core teachings of Jesus and their implications for Christian life through a study of the gospels

F. Explain, working with multiple perspectives, ways contemporary Christians cooperate in bringing about the Reign of God

G. (5 Credit Course Only) Learn about Paul’s life, missionary journeys and his letters

H. (5 Credit Course Only) Examine how the church developed and expanded following the Apostolic Era

I. Explore the many ways Catholics pray using Scripture