Course Descriptions

“Go and Make Disciples”: Living the Great Commission is the Program of Religious Education (Roman Catholic) for Alberta Catholic Schools. In each course, RE 15, RE 25, and RE 35, the general outcomes are developed through specific learning outcomes, recommended resources, and teaching time frames.


Religious Education (Roman Catholic) 15 – Christ and Culture
The principal aim of Christ and Culture is to assist students, with the help of the Gospel, to participate as Christians in the shaping of our culture. The program explores major cultural issues from a Christological perspective. Beginning with their own life experiences, students acquire a deeper and more systematic knowledge of themselves, Christ’s message, and the Church. Connections between the Church and contemporary culture are explored in terms of what it means to be a responsible adolescent developing as a member of a Catholic, Christian community while living within the context of a broader culture.


Religious Education (Roman Catholic) 25 – Jesus Christ: God’s Gift of Salvation
Jesus Christ: God’s Gift of Salvation invites students to deepen their relationship with Jesus through a prayerful study of Scripture. Students will explore the Jewish historical, religious, and cultural world into which the Messiah was born and the Old Testament covenant fulfilled. Using the Gospels as primary sources, the course explores Jesus’ birth, early life, and ministry; his preaching of the Kingdom of God; his special teachings, particularly the parables; and his miracles. It then focuses on the scriptural accounts of his death and Resurrection, and the Ascension, and their central significance for the church’s understanding of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God.


Religious Education (Roman Catholic) 35 – In Search of the Good
In Search of the Good challenges students to understand themselves as moral persons called to discipleship by living the way of Christ. Through an examination of ethical theories, the revelation of Sacred Scripture, and the lived experience and teaching of the Catholic Church, the course invites students to mature as active participants in their faith. At the heart of catechesis is the human search for happiness as the completion of the superabundant love of God. The same tension which exists between the revelation of God’s love and the explorations of human reason are worked out in the areas of freedom, justice, human relations, ecology, reconciliation, life in community and political life.