Taking Refuge

People who listen and accept the teachings of the Buddha are said to “take refuge.” This means they go to the Buddha (the Enlightened One), dharma (the teachings of Buddha), and the sangha (those who follow the Buddha) for protection.

There are many challenges in life. What do you need refuge from? To whom or what do you go for protection?


The concept of dharma is important in Hinduism. Dharma has several different meanings. Following our dharma involves conducting ourselves righteously and according to our role in life. When we are young, our role in life is to be a good son or daughter. As we grow older, we should be good students, good friends, and good citizens. When we have decisions to make, we should do what is right, even if it goes against our best interests.

On an individual level, many people, consciously or unconsciously – do act in this way. But on a global level, people often put their own interests first. Think of a situation (either from history or from current events) where a person or a country acted based on self-interest rather than on what is right. Describe the situation. Then say what the person or the country should have done. How would that have affected history or current events?