Ethical Values Assignment

Ethical values (Core ethical values) and (Medical values)

Six  values that are commonly used in medical ethics discussions

  1. Autonomy –  a person has the right to make their own choices.  In Medicine, the patient has the right to refuse or choose their treatment.
  2. Beneficence – decisions involve having the  other person’s best interests in mind; a practitioner should act in the best interest of the patient.
  3. Non-maleficence – “first, do no harm”
  4. Justice – to provide what a person is entitled to;  concerns the distribution of scarce health resources, and the decision of who gets what treatment
  5. Dignity – Humans are to be honoured and treated with respect; the patient (and the person treating the patient) have the right to dignity.
  6. Fidelity – Keeping promises, being honest, telling the truth;  the concept of informed consent has increased in importance

Directions:  Select one of the bioethical issues below and using the handout provided in class, come to an informed decision on the issue you selected.

Bioethical Issues

  1. (Should having a baby after menopause be allowed?) Is 66 to old to have a baby?
  2. (Should collecting sperm after a man has died be allowed?)   Judge OKs Dead Son’s Sperm and Judge OKs …
  3. (Should euthanasia or Abortion allowed legally?)  Decriminalizing euthanasia and   Euthanasia Bill and End of Life Decisions
  4. (When should organs be harvested for organ donation?) When does death occur? and   Doctors Debate


RS 35: At Issue: The Death Penalty

Select one or more of the following articles to read, then answer  the question below.  Once you have completed the reflection question, print it and hand it in for grading.

Albertan on Death Row

Canadian on death row in Iran

Canadian on death row in Saudi Arabia

Reflection Question:

Is capital punishment (death penalty) ever justified?  You must provide reasons for your answer and provide evidence from one or more of the articles from above.  You must also draw upon the concepts (conscience, Kohlberg’s postulates, etc.)  you learned in the ethics unit.  It might be helpful to know the pros and cons regarding the death penalty, so it is worthwhile to visit Balanced for a concise list of arguements.picture-2