According to the Gospel of Mark in the Bible, Jesus was in Capernaum when a group of men brought a paralyzed friend to see him. Most of the people around Jesus assumed that the paralyzed person was guilty of some sin, and they were afraid of sin. Jesus told the man that he was forgiven. Then he told him to get up and walk.

When someone has a difficulty that we do not share, we may assume that they did something bad to make it happen. Is this fair?

The Wild Man of Gerasenes

According to the Gospel of Mark in the Bible, a man near Gerasenes was possessed by an army of demons. The man was a source of fear for the local people. He had been living in a tomb, hitting himself with rocks, and yelling wildly at night. Jesus helped the man transfer his demons onto a flock of pigs, and the pigs ran over a cliff.

Would you have been able to approach a wild man like the one in Gerasenes? What would have kept you away from him? Why do you think Jesus approached him?