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  • RS25: Tuck Everlasting Reflection

    Answer the following question.  The rubric page titled, Reflection Rubric will be used to grade this reflection. Use the following to answer the question Angus Tuck takes Winnie out onto the lake and tells her the following: “Look around you, it’s life. The flowers, and trees, and frogs, its all part of the wheel. It’s […]

  • The Imagery of Jesus

    In his teaching, Jesus used everyday language. His lessons were based on things his listeners were familiar with. He spoke of shepherds and sheep, of rocky soil and mustard seed. These were all part of daily life in Palestine at that time. Do you think Jesus’ message would have affected people as much if he […]

  • The Wild Man of Gerasenes

    According to the Gospel of Mark in the Bible, a man near Gerasenes was possessed by an army of demons. The man was a source of fear for the local people. He had been living in a tomb, hitting himself with rocks, and yelling wildly at night. Jesus helped the man transfer his demons onto […]

  • Going with the Flow

    Many religions use stories as a way of teaching people how to live. Here is a Taoist story. An old man was walking with friends by a swift-flowing river when he stumbled and fell into the water. He was swept downstream through a set of fierce rapids, dashing among the rocks. Then he plunged over […]