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  • Qualities of Friendship

    Below is a list of traits one would like to find in a friend: joyful helpfulcaring creative spontaneous humble courageous fearless brave leader caring good listener gentle merciful just honest faithful sympathetic fun fair understanding sensitive accepting sensible responsible prudent non-judgmental generous giving sharing peacemaker knowledgeable good-looking athletic loving smart in control funny talkative soft-spoken […]

  • Be Just

    Theme 1:¬†What keeps us apart? Outcomes Students will identify and analyze examples of prejudice suggest ways that they could respond with compassion to situations of injustice demonstrate an understanding of how responding with com- passion leads to peace Key Concepts Christian justice is rooted in love. It is based not only on fairness, but also […]

  • Ecology of the Heart

    Throughout Laudato Si, Pope Francis returns to the contrast between dominion and domination, of stewardship andownership. He tells us that our concern for the planet is an empty one if it does not take into account ourr responsibility and obligation to our poorest and least acknowledged neighbor. Our call is not to make things better […]

  • Creation, Evolution, and Genesis

    Judges 2:11-19 1Kings 11:1-13 2Chronicles 36:5-21 Baruch 1:13-2:6 Babylonian: The Enuma Elish Quote: It is a disgraceful and a dangerous thing for an unbeliever to hear a Christian, presumably giving the meaning of scripture, talking nonsense on these topics. Many non-Christians are well-versed in Natural knowledge, so they can detect vast ignorance in such a […]

  • Jewish History: Part 3

    The history of the Jews goes back thousands of years. Below are some important evens in that history between 1000 and 1900. Use your knowledge of Judaism and the history of the region to determine their correct order. Number them 1-8, with 1 as the earliest event. a. Jews from Eastern Europe begin to emigrate […]