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  • Be Just

    Theme 1: What keeps us apart? Outcomes Students will identify and analyze examples of prejudice suggest ways that they could respond with compassion to situations of injustice demonstrate an understanding of how responding with com- passion leads to peace Key Concepts Christian justice is rooted in love. It is based not only on fairness, but also […]

  • Confession

    Confession Bible Quotes • James 5:16 • Acts 19:18 • Matthew 3:5-6 • Mark 1:5 • 1 Timothy 6:12 • 1 John 1:9 • Numbers 5:6-7 • Nehemiah 9:2 • Sirach 4:26 Grave sins must be confessed once per year. Venial sins are “recommended” for confession. CHAPTER III : THE PENITENT Can. 987 In order […]

  • RS 25/35: Remember the Titans Assignment

    Introduction: Read  Unequal Access: Canadian Race Relations Canadians tend to think that racism is more prevalent in the United States, but not so much in Canada.  The above report seems to say otherwise. Questions:  (answer three of the following) What is your reaction to the above information?  Did anything surprise you?  If so, what?  If […]