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  • Who’s on First?

    Read and respond to Who’s on First? by J. Budziszewski. Write a post in your iblog in which you demonstrate an understanding of the main point(s), relates an idea(s) from the reading to another text(s), offer your own arguments – agreeing or disagreeing with the points in the reading – with supporting evidence. Consider the rubric:

  • Be Loving

    Theme 1: What is love? Outcomes Students will examine and evaluate their understanding of love analyze Scripture pas- sages where Christ models love explore the Christian dimensions of love within the context of popular notions of love analyze ways they love others because they love themselves articulate what it means to be loved and to love […]

  • Muhammad as Seeker

    When Islam’s founder, Muhammad, was a young man, he became a merchant. He worked for a wealthy businesswoman named Khadijah. Khadijah was impressed with Muhammad’s honesty, generosity, and gentleness. She and Muhammad were married. Muhammad and Khadijah had four daughters and two sons. After fifteen years of marriage, Muhammad became aware that something was missing […]