Tag: Moral

  • Be Obedient

    Theme 1: Why should I obey my parents or anyone else in my family? Outcomes Students will explain and interpret the fourth commandment as it applies to families express the value of obedience and name the challenge of and limits to the Christian call to obedience identify duties, roles and responsibilities that are shared within Christian […]

  • Be Loving

    Theme 1: What is love? Outcomes Students will examine and evaluate their understanding of love analyze Scripture pas- sages where Christ models love explore the Christian dimensions of love within the context of popular notions of love analyze ways they love others because they love themselves articulate what it means to be loved and to love […]

  • The Great Debate

      THE CRAIG-NIELSEN DEBATE: GOD, MORALITY, AND EVIL William Lane Craig and Kai Nielsen with annotations by William Lane Craig February 1991, University of Western Ontario   This debate is presented on the Internet as a project of Leadership University. Leadership University is dedicated to providing the best information in the world informed by a […]

  • Tradition

    The fundamental source of human knowledge is encounter with the world and its history through experience. The guiding intent for the curriculum is to educate people to become fully alive and free human beings. In a Catholic context this source and this guiding intent both point to the experience of the community, an experience where […]

  • The Commandments: A Moral Code

    When Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, they crossed the Sinai Desert. God called Moses to the top of Mount Sinai and gave him the Ten Commandments. These commandments formed the moral code for the Jewish people. Some were injunctions – things the people were told to do. Some were prohibitions – things they […]