Tag: challenge

  • Friendship Tableaus

    A tableau or tableau vivant is a representation of a scene. No movement takes place. Students simply take positions to portray the main message of a scene. They freeze in that position for about 30 seconds. (Like a youtube “mannequin challenge” of sorts.) Join a small group, pick one tableau. When it is your turn, present […]

  • Be Obedient

    Theme 1: Why should I obey my parents or anyone else in my family? Outcomes Students will explain and interpret the fourth commandment as it applies to families express the value of obedience and name the challenge of and limits to the Christian call to obedience identify duties, roles and responsibilities that are shared within Christian […]

  • Be Alive

    Theme 1: How do I look? Outcomes Students will value the sacredness of the human body, regardless of appearance identify ways that we can co-operate with God in car- ing for our bodies express ways in which the Incarnation shows the sacredness of the human body respect physical change as integral to God’s creation of us […]

  • Good Judgement

    “The Spirit of God dwells in you.” – Romans 8:9 In this time of Thanksgiving, what beauty do I see within and around me? How does this invite me to give thanks to God in worship, service, and life? What challenge do I face in my daily life that can dim my spirit? “Whatever does […]