Dead Man Walking Reflection 1

Select one of the questions to answer.

1.  Scene:  Matthew’s lawyer, Millard Farmer, was discussing the up coming Pardon Board hearing.  During that discussion, the lawyer says, “It’s easy to kill a monster.  It’s hard to kill a human being.  That’s why we need people that know you.” Is it possible for a human being to be less than a human being?  Explain. If needed, Get More Info before you take the decision.  Does society justify killing by viewing people as something less than human?  Support your answer with examples.  Here is an example of where dehumanization language was used, Severin suspended.

2.   Mr. Percy, Hope’s (one of the murder victims) father, says, “Matthew is God’s mistake!” Do you agree with Mr. Percy?  Does God make mistakes?   Here is an interesting response to that question from  What causes human beings, created in the image of God, to commit such inhuman acts as rape and murder?  Provide a detailed response to this question.