Dead Man Walking Assignment

Select the page titled, Dead Man Walking Assignment, and execute (no pun intended) the directions provided.  The rubric used to mark this assignment is also found at the right, titled, Video Study Assignment Rubric.  Remember, assignments are worth MUCH more than reflections.

You’ve learned how to write position papers in both English and Social Studies, so I am assuming you know how.  If you don’t, then see me for help.  Your thesis must be clear.  REMEMBER, your point of view is worthless unless you can provide reasons for your point of view and support those reasons with evidence (examples, quotes, etc.).

Here are a couple of websites to help you with writing position papers.

How to write… and  Writing position papers

This may very well be your last assignment, so give it your best effort.  Some of you need to do well on this assignment to up are final mark.