RS 25: Catholic Social Teaching Assignment

Answer the following questions:

1)  What is Social Justice?  Write at least two definitions.  Provide the source of your definition.


Major themes from Catholic Social Teaching

  1. Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  2. Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  3. Rights and Responsibilities
  4. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  5. The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  6. Solidarity
  7. Care for God’s Creation


2)  Use  the following websites to briefly summarize each of the seven themes from Catholic Social Teaching.

3)   Select a pressing or urgent social justice issue that for you needs to be addressed by society and write a brief summary (4 or 5 sentences) of the issue. Also, explain why you believe it is the most urgent issue to be addressed.   Which of the seven Catholic Social Teaching themes does your social issue apply to.  Explain.  The websites below will help you do this.