RS 9: Cinderella Man Movie Assignment

Answer four of the following questions.   Your answers  must be five to ten or more sentences long.  Answer it in a word document, save it, and either print it off and hand in or e-mail it to me. Since this is an assignment and more effort is expected, it is worth much more than a reflection.  The rubric on the right titled, Movie Assignment Rubric, will be used to assess your response.

The Sermon on the Mount is all about Christian ethics. Christian ethics stresses the need for grace, compassion, and forgiveness because of human weakness.

Jimmy Johnston says: “Right here. Editorial says this fight is good as murder, and everybody associated with it should be hauled into court and prosecuted afterwards. They say the paper’s gettin’ all sorts of letters from people saying you’re their inspiration – like you saved their lives or somethin’. If you ask me, it’s a lotta crap… but if I’m gonna promote this fight, I’m not gettin’ hung out to dry if somethin’ happens to you”.

1)  As the quote illustrates, boxing is one of the most controversial of all sports. Is it morally wrong for men or women to use violence to earn money?  Is it morally (the distinction between right and wrong or holiness and unholiness) wrong to fight for money, or is boxing just a sport?

Reporter: Bob Johnson, Boston Globe. Two days ago, we ran a story about you giving your relief money back. Can you tell our readers why?

Jim Braddock: “I believe we live in a great country, a country that’s great enough to help a man financially when he’s in trouble. But lately, I’ve had some good fortune, and I’m back in the black. And I just thought I should return it.”

2)  What does Braddock’s response to the reporter say about his conscience (the inner sense of what is right or wrong or what is holy or unholy)?
3)  Braddock refused to use his poverty as an excuse to be dishonest or victimize others. Describe the scenes where he illustrated this?

4)  What issues do people today deal with that is similar to those of the Braddock family? How are today’s issues different? What sorts of new issues will children of the 21st century face?

5)  The scene where Braddock’s son explains why he stole is extremely powerful. Would you steal if your family hadn’t eaten in a week, or if your family’s ability to stay together depended on it? Explain why or why not?

6)  A theme in the movie is the struggle to do what is right or what is holy. Braddock teaches his son to make the correct decision about stealing. Braddock also makes a tough decision when he repays the government aid. Braddock clearly has a moral conscience. What would you do if when waiting for a teacher in his/her room, you see the upcoming test answers?  What does you answer say about your conscience (the inner sense of what is right or wrong or holiness)?