Religious Studies 25: Little Buddha Reflection Question

Instructions:  Answer the questions below.  The page titled, Reflection Rubric,  will be used to access this reflection.  It can be found on the left side (third from top) under pages.  When finished, print off your response and hand in or email it to Mr. S.

The movie involves two stories happening simultaneously.  One is the story of Prince Siddhartha and the other is the story involving Jesse Conrad.  

Jesse asks the Lama, “Was Buddha a God?”  The Monk responds with, “No, a real person.  Like Jesus.  Yes, like Jesus.”    Christians, on the other hand,  believe that Jesus is the Son of God, both human and divine. 1)   Do Buddhists believe the same thing, that is, Buddha (the enlightened Siddhartha) is both human and God?  Explain (you may have review what you have learned about Buddhism in class),  2)   How is the  story of Siddhartha similar to that of Jesus?  How is this story different to that of Jesus?  Provide at least two specific examples.  3)  What is the biggest difference between Buddhism and Christianity?  Explain your thinking.