RS 15: Awakenings Assignment

Directions: Answer the question below.  The page titled, Movie Assignment Rubric,  will be used to access this reflection.  It can be found on the left side (fifth from bottom) under pages.  When finished, print off your response and hand in or email it to Mr. S. Remember, Assignments are worth much more than reflection questions.

Introduction: An American bioethicist argues that patients diagnosed to be in a permanent vegetative state (PVS)  should NOT be kept alive.   [To see the article, click on Bioethicist argument]   Dr. Malcolm Sayer’s post-encephalic, catatonic patients  seem to fit the definition of PVS, therefore some people (like the American bioethicist) might argue that euthanasia should be practiced on these patients because they are no longer human beings.

The Statement:

Christian Churches, especially the Catholic Church, would argue, Euthanasia should NOT be used on Dr. Malcolm Sayer’s post-encephalic, catatonic patients because these people are still human beings?

The Question:  Do you agree with the statement above?  Why or why not?

Write a response (at least one typewritten page) answering the above question.  You MUST support your answer using examples from the movie, Awakenings.  Be as specific as possible when describing the scene or person in the movie.  You must use at least three of  Catholic catechism’s seven traits of human beings in your response.

  • Humans are created in the image and likeness of God.
  • Humans are called to happiness and holiness.
  • Humans are rational and free.
  • Humans are moral beings.
  • Humans have passions or feelings.
  • Humans are blessed with a conscience.
  • Humans are able to sin.

You may draw upon other explanations of what a human being is discussed in class to support your argument.