Religion 35: World Religions and Peace

peace symbolThere are many points of view about whether peace on this planet we call earth is possible.  Some believe peace could never be attained.  Others such as Religions for Peace, the largest international coalition of representatives from the world’s great religions, are dedicated to promoting peace.

They believe in respecting religious differences while celebrating our common humanity, Religions for Peace is active on every continent and in some of the most troubled areas of the world, creating multi-religious partnerships to confront our most dire issues: stopping war, ending poverty, and protecting the earth.

Hans Kung, a German theologian says, there will be “No peace among the nations without peace among the religions. (Hans Küng, Christianity: Essence, History, Future)

Mitra Sen, Canadian teacher, filmmaker, and creator of the Peace Tree says,  “Let us embrace the beauty of every culture and faith to create peace in our world.”

Thich Nhat Hanh Buddhist monk and peace activist says,  “How do you want to create peace, if there is no peace inside yourselves?”

Mahatma Gandhi once said,  “Be the peace you wish for the world.”

Question: Do you believe world peace is possible?  Why or why not?  Which of the above people do you think has the right idea or a way to achieve world peace?  Clearly explain why .