God’s Not Dead Assignment

God's Not DeadDirections: Answer ALL of the questions below.  The page titled, Movie Study Assignment Rubric,  will be used to assess this reflection.  It can be found on the left side under pages (5th from the bottom). When finished, print off your response and hand in or email it to Mr. S.

INTRODUCTION:  There are no shortage of self proclaimed theists (e.g. Christians), atheists, or agnostics.  For example, British actor Daniel Radcliffe, known for his role as Harry Potter, declared he was an atheist in a 2009 interview. “I’m an atheist, but I’m very relaxed about it” he was quoted as saying. Angus T. Jones, child actor who played Jake Harper on the American sitcom, Two and half Men, proclaimed, “Even though it’s my job to be an actor, I have given my life to God”.  Jones is a self-proclaimed Christian theist.  Antonio Banderas, a a Spanish film actor, film director, film producer and singer,  once said, “I have to recognize that I am agnostic”.

QUESTIONS: 1) Clearly explain the difference between an atheist, theist and an agnostic?  2) If you were challenged to defend your beliefs, like Josh was, what would you do?  Would you have integrity?  Would you be a follower?  Would you be a coward?  Explain what you think you would do.  3) Every person fits into one of the three categories (atheist, theist or agnostic). Which of the three categories would you be in? Decide where you belong and clearly DEFEND why you claim to be either atheist, theist or agnostic.  When you declare yourself to be one of these then you MUST be able to fully explain why you believe what you believe.   Otherwise you are NOT what you claim to be. This is what  you are being asked to do so in this assignment.

NOTE:  You are NOT being graded on your beliefs.  Your beliefs are between you and God (whether you believe in God or not).  What you are being graded on is how much thought you have given to the topic and to think about why you believe what you believe.  See the rubric to understand how this assignment will be evaluated.  Also understand that your beliefs will continue to evolve and change as you gain more life experience and learn more about the topic.

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