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  • Be Honest

    Theme 1: When is it stealing? Outcomes Students will express and apply the seventh commandment identify how the seventh commandment challenges actions that are commonly deemed acceptable define stewardship and discuss it in terms of the demands of the seventh commandment identify the balance between the right to own and the requirement to share in specific […]

  • A Closer Look: Peace vs Just War

    Over the centuries, the Catholic Church has developed a teaching on peace and just war. Peace: CCC 2304 Peace, it states, is the result of justice and charity. One must always be a creator of peace and reconciliation. Just War: CCC 2309 If relationships between peoples become so tense that war threatens, certain clear conditions for a […]

  • The Five Pillars of Islam

    Islam includes five major principles known as the Five Pillars of Islam. These pillars are Shahadah, declaring one’s faith in Allah; salat, daily prayer; zakat, giving to charity; saum, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan; and Hajj, making a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca Many different cultures and religions have pillars or […]

  • The Third pillar of Islam: Charity

    The third Pillar of Islam is called zakat. It means charity or dues-to-the-poor. There are certain requirements to be met before one can give the zakat. One must be an adult, have savings, and have paid all of one’s regular expenses. If these things are in order, Muslims pay 2.5% of their wealth to charity […]

  • The Ten Perfections of a Bodhisattva

    In Buddhism, a bodhisattva struggles to achieve ten perfections. Only when these have been achieved can the bodhisattva become a Buddha. The ten perfections are charity, right conduct, dispassionateness, wisdom, steadfastness, forbearance, truthfulness, determination, loving compassion, nonattachability. Think about the ten perfections. How do you think they can be achieved? Choose one perfection. Describe how […]