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  • Be Forgiving

    Theme 1: What does it really mean to forgive? Outcomes Students will examine the ways Jesus models forgiveness define forgiveness express the Christian call to forgiveness identify areas in their life where they are called to forgive name and appreciate the fruits of forgiveness Key Concepts “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Matthew […]

  • A Closer Look: Peace vs Just War

    Over the centuries, the Catholic Church has developed a teaching on peace and just war. Peace: CCC 2304 Peace, it states, is the result of justice and charity. One must always be a creator of peace and reconciliation. Just War: CCC 2309 If relationships between peoples become so tense that war threatens, certain clear conditions for a […]

  • The “Doctrine of Discovery” and Terra Nullius: A Catholic Response

    Source: http://www.cccb.ca/site/eng/media-room/statements-a-letters/4446-catholic-responses-to-truth-and-reconciliation-commission-call-to-action-48-and-questions-regarding-the-doctrine-of-discovery The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding the Catholic responds to the Doctrine of Discovery. The text considers and repudiates illegitimate concepts and principles used by Europeans to justify the seizure of land previously held by Indigenous Peoples and often identified by the terms Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius. Link to A […]

  • Humanness

    In partnership with the entire community, the Catholic school has a value and importance that are fundamental to the integral human formation of children. In virtue of its mission, the Catholic school constantly and carefully attends to the cultivation in children of the intellectual, creative and aesthetic gifts of the human person. Catholic schools foster […]

  • Understanding

    “God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.” 1John 1:5 When do I feel most at peace and most understood? What role do the Church’s Sacrament of Peace and reconciliation play in one’s inner peace? What could help me become more understanding? A.J. Muste says, “There is no way to peace, […]