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  • Be Forgiving

    Theme 1: What does it really mean to forgive? Outcomes Students will examine the ways Jesus models forgiveness define forgiveness express the Christian call to forgiveness identify areas in their life where they are called to forgive name and appreciate the fruits of forgiveness Key Concepts “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Matthew […]

  • Hedonism Kant Be The Way, Can It?

    In a universe increasing less black and white and enjoying more grey, I pause to reflect on the concept of Christian Hedonism. I have always appreciated the more rigorously fashioned ethics of Kant, an action is either right or wrong, all times all places in the universe. One does not do the right thing out […]

  • Enlightenment

    When Siddhartha became fully enlightened, he realized that people are not really separate from each other; we are all interconnected. He also realized that nothing in life is permanent; things change. Suffering is always a part of life, but there is a path that leads away from suffering. In Buddhism, enlightenment means reaching a state […]