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  • Be Forgiving

    Theme 1: What does it really mean to forgive? Outcomes Students will examine the ways Jesus models forgiveness define forgiveness express the Christian call to forgiveness identify areas in their life where they are called to forgive name and appreciate the fruits of forgiveness Key Concepts “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Matthew […]

  • What do they expect of me now?

    What do they expect of me now? Write about yourself as you enter into Grade 8. Consider these questions to get you organized in your writing: Are you excited or worried? What does being in Grade 8 mean to you? Who are the people in your life that have expectations of you this year? What […]

  • Who is my family?

    Humanity holds a special place in this work for the world. We humans are not just statistics, we are creatures with an infinite dignity conferred on us by the Creator. So much of the discussion of climate change and how our responsibility to the planet involves dry statistics that are easy to ignore. Less easy […]

  • Concern for the Poor

    Virtually all climate scientist are making it plain that the time for drastic action on the environment is now, and they caution that it may already be too late to stop some of the change. Some people reject the scientific consensus and say we need more time to study the problem. Pope Francis says that […]

  • We are all one

    All living species are tied together in one greaat, interdependent network. The smallest subatomic particles are joined together in a cosmic dance, and evey living thing has evolved together on this world. There is no aspect of this amazing creation – chemical, biological, or material – thatis not interconnected. Pope Francis says that our failure […]

  • Glory Road Essay Question: What Does It Take to Change the World?

    After viewing the film Glory Road write a 5 paragraph essay response to the question: What Does It Take to Change the World? Pick and choose from the following six ideas to develop your own thesis and topic sentences. In your essay refer to specific detail from the film, your own experiences, and passages from […]