Tag: Philippians

  • Be With Me

    Theme Who do I want to be with? Outcomes Students will explore and express the qualities of relationships they want to have name how they want others to “be with them” know that each person has been created with the freedom to shape his or her own relationships repeat and explain the Beatitudes identify ways […]

  • New Testament Study Guides

    Yes, these files are free to download and use for your Bible study. These are provided as a supplement to the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament. Matthew .. 16pp (150kb) Mark .. 10pp (128kb) Luke .. 15pp (146kb) John .. 13pp (146kb) Acts .. 17pp (162kb) Romans .. 11pp (132kb) Corinthians .. 17pp (157kb) […]

  • Glory Road Essay Question: What Does It Take to Change the World?

    After viewing the film Glory Road write a 5 paragraph essay response to the question: What Does It Take to Change the World? Pick and choose from the following six ideas to develop your own thesis and topic sentences. In your essay refer to specific detail from the film, your own experiences, and passages from […]