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  • The 10th Commandment

    Read about all Ten Commandments: Read both versions of the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:3-10 and Luke 6:20-26 For this task, pay special attention to the 10th Commandment and the first Beatitude in Matthew and Luke. 1. Create a visual that emphasizes a point of connection from the 10th Commandment and the first Beatitude. 2. […]

  • The Beatitudes

    Read Matthew 5:3-10 http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=384777524 Create a Visual response to “The Beatitudes.” Pick one, some, or all. Use Canva to inspire your creativity. Bonus: Show off your visual creation in a new post in your blog.

  • Be Hopeful

    Theme 1: What keeps us going? Outcomes Students will define hope and its role in Christian living explore the ways prayer nourishes hope identify people who model Christian hope find hope for their own lives in the death and resurrection of Jesus Key Concepts “Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter […]

  • Be With Me

    Theme Who do I want to be with? Outcomes Students will explore and express the qualities of relationships they want to have name how they want others to “be with them” know that each person has been created with the freedom to shape his or her own relationships repeat and explain the Beatitudes identify ways […]

  • Make It Your Own: The Beatitudes

    Read the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-10. Who are the people in your life who show you examples of each of these “Be Attitudes”? Write about how these people – and you – demonstrate how to live the Beatitudes.

  • Society and Christian Teachings

    What are four moral principals that are considered universal? What are three examples of what could be considered violations of natural law? What is a Christian approach to deciding whether to obey or disobey civil laws? Detail an account of civil disobedience. Write about what prompted the civil disobedience, the rationale of the dissenters, and […]